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Lifestyle: Kickstarting my new blog by giving you an update on my life

Hello everyone!

I mentioned yesterday in my previous post that I am relaunching my blog after a half-year away. I'm here to tell you all what I have been up to!

The last time I posted on my blog was at the beginning of June I believe, and let me tell you that SO much has happened since then. In fact, I will do a month by month update of the six months that I have been away for.


In June 2018, I finished my last exam of my second year of university. It was an Italian exam. I also finished a competition that I entered with Adobe where I had made an inspirational poster and I had to campaign for people to vote for me throughout my university, which believe me was hard work! I ended up placing second, so I have in fact won myself a two person travel experience to Australia. If you are a student and you are interested in this, keep your eyes peeled at your university to see if any competitions with this brand or others are available to you as I completely underestimated how fulfil…

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